Ron and Yolanta Castillo are liars and commit fraud

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Ron and Yolanta Castillo,

May 30, 2011

Atlantis Solar is a very honest company and we will not agree to an online traction that provides the information listed below from your online escrow service.

You have to provide your EIN # ASAP or customs will destroy your order. Neither Atlantis Solar nor our shipping company is able to have the order returned or rerouted; we have tried.

As per Alibaba, we expect you will have our account reactivated, or we will fight this out in court, including our losses you have caused Atlantis Solar in product sales and leaving product stuck in customs.

You knew very well what you were getting involved in when it comes to dealing with factories direct. You and your wife did not put a deadline date for Atlantis Solar to store your product order while you searched for a fence manufacturer, and therefore we are with in our legal rights to prosecute you for closing our trade group down with out prior warning or notice.

Atlantis Solar continues to lose business daily; so if you choose to go this rout, we will do everything in our power to go after you and your wife for failure to provide your business name when conducting business to elude paying taxes, failure to provide a deadline for receiving your order before taking any type of recourse against Atlantis Solar, failure to provide your EIN to evade custom taxes and local state taxes.

June 6, 2011

Attached is a B/L showing shipment to Mr. Ron and Mrs. Yolanta. The shipment left port or was going to be destroyed by customs. The importers neglected to provide their EIN, Bond information and therefore Atlantis Solar is not responsible for any fines the USA Federal Government may impose on them.

Atlantis Solar is not a shipping company and has done our best to communicate with Mr. Ron and Mrs. Yolanta. But they refuse to follow the laws that do not apply to the manufacturer or the shipping company. I wish them the best of luck and hope you reactivate our Alibaba account immediately.

Review about: 3Kw Solar System And Trade Accounts Lost Business.


Irving, Texas, United States #747143

"Michael Becker" doesn't exist, he is "Stephen Rahl"."Atlantis Solar" is a scam and fraudulent company that prays on people that don't do their due diligence.

I have a customer that I sold panels to that were almost scammed by this company but thankfully contacted me first.

Always perform due diligence before spending any money with "Atlantis Solar" or any other popup solar company.Do business with local reputable people you find in your phone book.


Subject: RON CASTIELLO CASE / H B/L#: GLSL11051864

Dear Paul,

After my phone conversation with Michael @ Atlantis Solar and review all available materials, I would like to state following shipping practice to allow you to evaluate this case.

1. According to the House Bill of Lading (1st attachment), Ron Costello is listed as consignee of this shipment. This shipment was arranged under INCO TERMS – C.I.F. Hawaii ( Cost, Insurance & Freight) . The shipper – Atlantis Solar Air Conditioner Consignee should act as importer, who should be responsible for complying Customs procedure ( ISF filing and Cusotms Clearance) prior claiming this freight.

2. The cargo is stored at a Jacksonville, FL bonded warehouse since August 2nd, 2011. The Warehouse Charge and Storage is $2071.13; Storage is accumulated on monthly base by $275. The cargo can’t be moved /transferred until customs clearance complete and settle these charges with warehouse.




TEL :904-696-2544 FAX :904-696-3151

Please feel free to contact me if you need any shipping related info.

Thank you!!

Best Regards,

Ivan Shao

King Freight New York Inc.

Subject: RE: RON CASTIELLO CASE / H B/L#: GLSL11051864

Dear Paul,

I would like to further clarify my previous message.

“This shipment was...

Regarding to the statement 2, it is subject to charge from Lien Holder of this G.O. shipment as below.

Lien Holder Charge: $213.85

Lien Holder: AIR VAN, INC.




TEL :904-741-4930

FAX :904-265-0020

Thank you!!

Best Regards,

Ivan Shao

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June 26, 2011 at 10:24 pm

Dear Pissed off ,do you really think they have a complete system waiting in the wings for your phone call ? I have built solar systems for myself in the past and to do the job correctly it takes a bit of time. Sure if they had just slapped a system together , odds are you would have been pissed at that , too. From all the research I have done in the solar industry,you have ordered from the best of the best. My next purchase will be from Atlantis Solar because they truley care what goes out of the door. I am sure if you call the home office,this can be taken care of in a short period of time. Besides didn't your mother tell you,you catch more bees with honey than you do vinegar. Change your attitude because from what I am hearing from you is,at this point nothing will make you happy anyway.



Mr. Ron Castillo takes the good comments from this comment page about Atlantis Solar and deletes them.

Ask Mr. Ron Costillo the true story to why he has not received his order. He had Atlantis Solar store his order in a warehouse while looking for and Iron gate from China.

When Mr. Ron Costillo did not get his iron fence, he was then to provide an ISF with and EIN or Social Security number which he would not do.

Now that the we find out that Mr. Ron Costillo had 2 business names Giriraja Mandir and The Bulk Store.

Mr. Ron Costillo hides behind his business names and tries to commit tax evasion by not providing his EIN for the US Government. With out this information Mr. Ron Costillo will face a minimum $5000USD fine. Liar and thief Mr. Ron Costillo is. Tell the truth and you will go a very long way.

Atlantis Solar is not responsible for what happens to Mr. Ron Costillo if he tries to evade USA Government Laws by evading taxes and not providing the correct information needed to import. If customs destroys or fines Mr. Ron Costillo for tax evasion, why does this become Atlantis Solar’s fault?


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